G&T Trading

International Corporation

G&T Trading International Corporation is a trading company with business in recycled goods for more than 24 years. We trade recovered paper in large volume, domestically and internationally. We partner with top leading recycling companies and reputable paper mills overseas. G&T Trading is committed to providing excellent service that exceeds our customer's expectations. Our goal is to promote recycling with the mindset to keep this earth green for future generations to come.

Our Materials

We trade a large variety of recovered paper. From old corrugated cardboard to sorted office paper, we provide services for all types of paper commodities.

“For George, recycling is a passion that he cares deeply about and shares with others as a way of helping preserve the planet for future generations. He has shown a strong dedication to the industry through various leadership roles and through promoting its many benefits.”

-Robin Wiener, President of ISRI

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